Study Shows to Stay the Hell Away from Los Angeles on Thursday & Friday

Los Angeles Traffic Study
By: Gilad Rom
Los Angeles Traffic Study
By: Gilad Rom

We all know that freeway traffic in Los Angeles sucks ass (scientific term) – but there are times where you must head into LA (concerts, culture, food, to escape the desert’s old people). When you do make the drive west, it would be best to avoid Thursday and Friday according to a new study.

Julie Mossler, a spokesperson for navigation app Waze, told ABC 7 which 2 days are the worst for LA traffic:

“Thursday is the slowest day. It’s the day that they’re crawling all over, whether it’s highways or side streets,” said Mossler.

Waze found that Fridays seem to have most accidents reported by its users. And no surprise — weekends are the best days to drive.

And another study from Inrix found the worst delays are between 5 and 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, when an average trip takes 47% longer than it would with no congestion (when has LA ever not had congestion?).

But why Thursday and Friday?  No one knows for sure, but researchers presented The LA Times with some some theories:

One is that commuters leave work early, and more in the heart of rush hour, near the end of the week, particularly on Thursdays. That’s partly because some Los Angeles-area commuters who work flexible schedules, either taking Friday off or working from home, are getting a jump on their long weekends. Also, college students often commute to evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And there’s just more going on around town on Thursday and Friday nights.

Bottom line: if you are headed to LA on a Thursday or Friday, have fun being stuck in traffic.  No seriously, have fun…