This So Cal Haunted House is So Scary, You Have to Sign a Waiver to Enter

(17th Door)
(17th Door)
(17th Door)

A new haunted house in Tustin is so terrifying, it requires everyone who enters to sign a waiver.

Once inside of “The 17th Door”, you might be touched, things may fall on you, and you may even get wet warns the website for the attraction.

The Halloween event, located between a an Ortho Mattress and a Party City, was created by husband and wife Robbie and Heather Luther who have been setting up the haunted house since April.

(17th Door)
(17th Door)

Those who enter will spend about a minute in 17 different rooms – each with its own theme, monsters, and scares.

The Orange County Register breaks down how the experience works:

The 17th Door tells the story of a troubled girl named Paula as she goes off to study medicine at Gluttire University (with Gluttire from the Latin word for swallow). The Luthers chose a university for the rich scenes it affords, from a library to a medical classroom to a locker room.

Visitors will spend around 32 minutes making their way through 17 experience rooms. Unlike mazes many people are familiar with from places like Knott’s Scary Farm, however, guests don’t move through those rooms at their own pace. Instead, small groups are locked in each room during a carefully orchestrated show.

Once inside, there are only 2 ways out: 1) completely walk through the haunted house, or 2) yell out the word “mercy” – and already, in just 2 weekends, 350 people have used the safe word and there are no refunds if you do not make it through.

“It’s super intense. I’ve actually worked in haunted houses as an actor myself and this is very, very intense, very scary,” Moreno Valley resident Monique Martin told ABC 7.

“The 17th Door” runs through November 1st. Tickets run between $21 and $35.

Here is the trailer for the attraction: