Report: Time Warner Cable Rushes to Assist Palm Springs Customer

In quite the exclusive, The Desert Sun chatted it up with a couple of guys who work for Time Warner Cable in The Coachella Valley. The story confirms that Time Warner Cable will drop everything to deal with your cable and internet needs – so long as you are First Lady Michelle Obama.

The story begins with a couple of guys having a typical day at work…

It was a normal day near the end of the July for Hector Airada and Jose Rodriguez, desert natives and Business Class technicians for Time Warner Cable. Coming into work, the two began looking at their calls for service, creating a kind of triage system of outages and installation in order to organize their day

That is until they got the call. The first lady needs Internet service installed. Send your best and brightest.

Suddenly, the triage system went out the window. When the White House calls, you go running.

Oh really?  Funny I can’t get out of Time Warner’s automated hell, let alone get not one…but TWO technicians running!  Thanks a lot Time Warner Cable!

But those technicians did not just blow off all those waiting customers with scheduled appointments weeks ago to take it easy.  There were some stressful moments.  None more than this one, which will surely keep you on the edge of your seat:

It would have been a typical install, except for the fact that the first lady needed a physical line from the modem near her desk, as opposed to where it normally hooked up. Wireless Internet wasn’t a possibility due to security concerns, so the technicians needed to get creative.

You don’t just ask the first lady to move her desk, Airada joked.

Working with the White House IT guy, Airada and Rodriguez were able to splice different lines and wires to make it happen.

PHEWWWWWWW!  Man, I know you were sweating it there.

In the end, the White House actually gave the pair a certificate for their work – which is way nicer gift than the 300 or so curse words I typically give the customer service rep after being on hold for 3 hours.

It's not every day First Lady Michelle Obama asks you for help with her Internet connection.

Posted by Desert Sun on Monday, October 26, 2015