Facebook is fucking awful right now


At this point, I would rather see a bunch of attention-seeking vaguebook posts – and I hate those things!

As you have undoubtedly seen over the last couple of days after the election, Facebook is a weird and terrible place right now.

From anger to gloating to hate to sorrow to bigotry, Facebook has it all right now.  If you feel like taking a moment to check out your feed, you should only do it after a few hours of meditation or a couple of shots of whiskey – I will leave the choice up to you.

My biggest fear on Facebook used to be an embarrassing comment from my mother on a post (are there any other kind?), but not anymore.   No, now I am afraid someone I went to high school with is going to school me on what’s right and wrong in America even if I am just posting about the weather.

Sure, like everything in life, there are some who seem to enjoy chaos and making others feel like shit, but for most, it’s just fucking awful.

Who knows, after a few more days, maybe things will calm down and we can all go back to posting photos of our cats, meals, and complaining about coaching decisions that ruined any shot we had at winning this week’s matchup of fantasy football.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I hope so.