VIDEO: watch this crazy stunt that went down at Chiraco Summit


Welp, this certainly isn’t the kind of stunt you see everyday.

A trio of daredevils combined a plane, a motorcycle, and tightrope walking at Chiraco Summit  last week for a one of a kind stunt that was just, well…

stunt desert center


Not sure why this happened, but it’s pretty cool. Have a watch.

Melissa Andrzejewski (the pilot of the plane) offered up some behind the scenes photos on her Instagram (you might need to click here to see them on mobile):

Briefing with Fitz for our stunt with @metalmulisha and @sketchyandy @jfitzo

A post shared by Melissa Andrzejewski (@melissasportsgal) on

Right side up or upside down? Chasing shadows and cutting ribbons! @officialhillafb @melissasportsgal @gopro

A post shared by Melissa Andrzejewski (@melissasportsgal) on

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