Thief busted selling 7,500 pounds of stolen candy out of Hesperia garage

A Hesperia man has been arrested after being busted with 7,500 pounds of stolen candy in his garage.

Jesus N. Ibarra, 35 of Hesperia, was arrested ofter cops say they busted his garage-based candy store sticked with stolen Mars treats.

Via Press Enterprise:

The trouble started after Excel Corporation — the West Coast distributor for Mars Candy Company — contracted with a trucking company to haul a load of candy that hadn’t passed inspection to a San Bernardino county location for destruction.

When the truck arrived, about 7,500 pounds of candy were missing, sheriff’s officials said in a written statement.

Deputies caught a break when advertisements turned up on Craigslist and a Facebook site for High Desert Deals. That prompted a search warrant for Ibarra’s home.

“Investigators discovered the entire garage had been converted into a candy store with approximately 30 racks of candy…boxes, all of which wee labeled with prices,” according to the statement.

The cops say that the serial numbers on the boxes in Ibarra’s garage matched those on the shipment meant for destruction.

Willy Wonka, he is not.