Palm Springs Has an Incredibly Good Sandwich Joint (Hidden in Back of a Dive Bar)

Sandwich Spot Palm Springs
A sammy from The Sandwich Spot
Sandwich Spot Palm Springs
“The Chairman of the Board”


It is no secret, I love me some sandwiches (EX: here and here) – and if you also love yourself a delicious sammy from time to time, then go to The Sandwich Spot in Palm Springs. In fact, drop what you are doing and go right now!

You can find the place in back of The Hair of The Dog bar (do not be scared off by the smell of stale beer and urine) – just look for the sign…

The menu at The Sandwich spot has a bit of everything including “The Chairman of the Board” (pictured at top…ham, salami, prosciutto, provolone, and Italian dressing), “But It’s a Dry Heat” (Chicken, Hot Sauce, Bomb Sauce, and Pepper Jack), and “The Sunny and Share” (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado). This is the menu that hangs above the place:


In addition to big portions of meat, cheese, and toppings The Sandwich spot also has a couple of unique (and awesome) sauces:

  • Bomb Sauce: buttermilk ranch dressing, jalapenos and Frank’s Hot Sauce (note: this sauce is addicting…like a legal form of crack)
    Secret Sauce: extra virgin olive oil,various unnamed herbs, garlic.
    Bruno Sauce: garlic aioli and sriracha.
Sandwich Spot Palm Springs Federer
“The Federer” – hot turkey, prosciuto, avacado, and swiss

Now do yourself a favor and ask for your sandwich on Dutch Crunch Bread. Sure, there are other options of bread – and I am sure they are tasty…but as for the Dutch Crunch, it is just freakin’ unbelievably good.

There are not a ton of tables and the place can get kind of crowded around lunch time – so plan accordingly.

Also, plan on grabbing me a “Bear Necessities” on Dutch Crunch while you are there.

The Sandwich Spot is at 240 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. They are open everyday 11am-6pm. 760-778-7900