Plans for Mike Tyson’s Ranch in DHS include the longest lazy river in the world

Mike Tyson at a preview day for the 2019 KIND Music Festival

GQ has a great profile on Mike Tyson’s booming cannabis business that includes the planned Tyson Ranch in Desert Hot Springs. The story includes a bunch of interesting nuggets about Mike, the people he is working with, and the business (they don’t actually grow weed, just make the packaging / Al B Sure! was hanging out with Mike at the Kind Festival / Mike smoked the toad), but of particular note are some of the plans for the DHS property.

The site only looks remote. It’s actually bordered on both sides by development. Golf courses, mostly. But then there’s this one little plot—418 acres of untouched California desert.

“Let’s say 420 acres,” Rob Hickman says. “Makes it fun.”

Hickman is a branding entrepreneur and movie producer. He had the idea for Tyson Ranch four or five years ago. Now there are plans for a luxury hotel and retail stores and facilities for glamping, an amphitheater for concerts, and Tyson University, where experts will teach cannabis-cultivation techniques to future farmers. There will also be a lazy river running through the whole place. Right now a water park in Waco, Texas, has the world’s longest lazy river, but when Tyson Ranch opens, the longest lazy river in the world will be the one at Tyson Ranch. It’ll take an hour to float the entire length of it.

An hour-long float on a lazy river, people! That’s a freakin’ big lazy river.

Hickman also drops a line about a Top Golf, a stadium to host UFC events, and a Top GOlf near the end of the article, but we will just have to see about that.  He also said that artists are “standing in line” to play the next Kind Music Festival this fall, so, as of now anyway, that appears to be a thing that is happening again.

Anyway, the piece is really worth a read. Check it out here.