Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star got pooped on

Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has already been defaced numerous times this year – but recently, things went to a whole new level.

The Republican frontrunner’s star has been popular with tourists and locals alike, but for all the wrong reasons. As the LA Times points out, the portion of sidewalk has been tagged with a swastika and a “mute” icon in the past few weeks and that’s just for starters:

In the span of just half an hour Monday morning, pedestrians greeted the star with an obscene hand gesture, photographed it and pretended to spit on it.

Then there is the matter of the poop:

On Monday, the owner of the 8-month-old German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix named Hades claimed there was no political statement intended.

“I was pushing my way through crowds, someone had found Trump’s star, and all of a sudden, my dog is no longer behind me and he’s squatting,” said Hades’ owner, Kansas Puckett, 20, from Oregon. “I’m like, ‘Ah! This can’t happen. No, too many people. And it was on a Hollywood star! I can’t believe you, Hades.’

“Then I saw whose star it was, and I thought it was hilarious…. I think dogs have a personality more than people think.”

And while Hollywood clearly frowns on this, Hades seems very pleased with his political statement:

Originally, the article stated the pooping took place this week, it was actually a couple of weeks ago.  Clearly, I need more coffee.