Local blood drive set for Wednesday to honor Orlando victims, help local patients

Lifestream Orlando
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This Wednesday you can honor the victims of the terrible massacre in Orlando and help local patients in need by giving blood.

Local 2 Anchor Brooke Beare has organized a blood drive on Wednesday with LifeStream blood bank – who will have special extended hours at their La Quinta Donor Center (10:30 am to 7 pm). Lifestream will also be at Desert Regional Medical Center from 10 am to 3 pm with their mobile facility.

“I started working on the idea of a blood drive while watching coverage of the tragedy in Orlando just Sunday morning,” Beare told Cactus Hugs. “Many people may not realize my husband is a first responder, and when I heard about what police officers on the scene had to do to save lives, I wanted to do something here at home. We’ve seen just how close these terror attacks can happen to where we live. So when someone strikes at a nightclub, or a movie theater or a church, or a holiday party, they’re striking all of us.”

Beare also posted a heartfelt message about the blood drive on Facebook:

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments take priority – so you should just go ahead and do that now by calling 800-879-4484 or clicking here.

“Our hearts and thoughts are with Orlando at this tragic time,” said Dr. Rick Axelrod, LifeStream’s president, CEO and medical director. “As a blood center, we try to prepare for emergencies, but there are some that are far larger than one center can handle.”

LifeStream says that they have been contacted by the blood center serving the Orlando area to help, and the would like to – but local needs have to be served first.  And locally, blood is in short supply.

“We are short 2,000 units to ensure local patients are assisted through the summer, and that has to be our first priority,” said Dr. Axelrod. “We’re asking Valley residents come forward to replenish local blood supplies to help save lives here at home while taking a meaningful stand for victims in Orlando.”

“I think everyone realizes that whether it’s a car crash, a terrorist attack, or even surgery, we could all be in the position of needing blood one day, and we don’t want to just react,” said Beare. “We want to be ready.”

Note: Many blood banks around the country still have ridiculous policies about donations from gay people.  Here is what you can do to protest these dumb policies that need to be changed, while at the same time helping those in need.

Lifestream Blood Bank, 79-215 Corporate Center Drive, La Quinta / Desert Regional Medical Center, 1150 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs